Welcome to Lora Stone's website and welcome to this Divine knowledge, this Divine spark that creates a pathway in you to understand who you are, why you are here and help you develop to your highest potential.

The ancient knowledge is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago, perhaps even more so now.  It is my honor and dharma to share with you this ancient knowledge and assist you on your spiritual and healing journeys.

All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity
— Shirdi Baba

"Learning with Lora, has transformed my life" - Coral, SF

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Lora Stone is a Sai Shakti Healer and Senior Teacher of the Ancient Indian Divine Knowledge. She lived and studied in Penukonda, South India, for over a decade under the direct guidance of Avatar/Saint Sri Kaleshwar (1973- 2012). Lora received numerous initiations in the Sai Shakti Energy Channels, including advanced yogas and Mother Divine darshans. LEARN MORE ABOUT: LORA STONE

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What is the beauty and significance of the culture and spirituality there?  India is the motherland or 'grandmother' of the planet. All of the ancient formulas originated in India and were carried out to other civilizations. In ancient times, the visitors used to get out of their boats and pranam and kiss the earth when they landed on the Indian shores.

Indian has retained its ancient culture and the ancient traditions are alive and practiced daily all over India. There are many, many power spots in India, extremely highly charged temples, shiva lingams, etc. India is the land of the supernatural - It is also a land to train you and test you - teaching the visitor patience, opening the mind and heart up to something completely different from the western culture. If you come to Imdia with an open heart and patience - you cannot imagine the gifts you will receive.

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